Der erste Schritt in die richtige Richtung - endlich ist für CF ein DNA-Test möglich

CF- DNA-Test für 68 Euro

Am Vorabend des Terriertages von Crufts gibt es eine einschneidende Nachricht bezüglich der Gesundheit unserer Irish Terrier. / A Day before the Terrier Day at Crufts there is an outstanding announcement for the health of our Irish Terriers.

Die Zusammenarbeit des Instituts Antagene und der Universität Bern (Prof. Leeb) ist von Erfolg gekrönt, denn ab sofort ist der Gentest zur Hyperkeratose beim Irish Terrier verfügbar. /The cooperation between the Institute Antagene and the University of Bern (Prof. Leeb) was successful, because the Gene Test is now available.

Das Yearbook 2013 der Irish Terrier Association, das morgen bei Crufts erscheint, enthält folgenden Beitrag / In the Yearbook 2013 of the Irish Terrier Association that is available at Crufts tomorrow you find the following article:

As we all know, the Irish Terrier basically is a sound and healthy breed in spite of its small population and rather narrow genetic pool. The main health issue that we have been dealing with over recent years is Digital Hyperkeratosis (DH) also termed “Corny Feet” (CF).
“It’s always been in the breed”, the breeders used to say in the old days, shrugging their shoulders. But modern researchers being convinced that a disease of genetic origin must not be accepted as fate, ‘a sword of Damocles’, decided to find out the way of inheritance in order to keep the breed healthy and to help to make it even healthier again. The DH-riddle has been solved quite recently by an international consortium led by Prof. Dr. Tosso Leeb (University of Bern, Switzerland).The marker gene has been identified!
The results of the research will be published in 2014 and the genetic test will become available after its evaluation as to reliability and technical feasibility. This will be a wonderful contribution for all health concerned breeders as the test will allow us to find out about the genetic disposition of our breeding stock and especially about potential carriers, those dogs which are so risky in breeding as they do not show any signs of the disease but, if bred to a carrier partner, may produce affected offspring.
Having managed to find the gene marker in the Kromfohrländer breed, Prof. Dr.Tosso Leeb directly went on with his research on the Irish Terrier. He had been given samples of dogs from many years ago (Data produced by PD Dr. Claude Schelling of ETH Zurich) and these were the base for his studies together with samples he had requested from dogs of a Swiss breeder and he was also given samples from dogs in Germany and Switzerland affiliated with her stock (none of these samples came from affected dogs).
In 2008 the French group (Antagene and Rennes University) started on a different background: after working on a similar disease in the Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) Dr. Anne Thomas was interested in doing the same research for the Irish Terrier breed and attended a show in Lyon with the aim of collecting samples from those Irish Terriers shown at that particular show. There she met the French breeder Frédérique Andersson who immediately agreed collecting samples all over France. Having personal contacts this idea was spread to Germany where Andrea Gasch and Helga Richter-Lönnecke were asked by Antagene to collect samples. It was then extended to Britain where Susan Seabridge spent a tremendous amount of time and energy in collecting samples and biopsies. In Latvia Tatjana Necajeva helped find several affected dogs in her country and in Russia.
We now have to focus on the future and the collaboration between Prof. Dr. Tosso Leeb (University of Bern) and Dr. Anne Thomas (Antagene and Rennes University) will provide Irish Terrier breeders with the means to eventually eradicate this genetic disorder from the breed.

Andrea Gasch
Helga Richter-Lonnecke
Susan Seabridge

by kind permission of Dr. Anne Thomas (Institute Antagene) and Prof. Leeb (Universität Bern)

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